Glassing For Content #3

Glassing For Content #3

Words by Shaun Lynch (@shaungonewild)

Book - Hunting Life: Moments of Truth

Peter Ryan's latest book, Hunting Life: Moments of Truth, takes you on a journey of hunting adventures across the globe with a variety of short essays that explore the very essence of hunting.


I’d grabbed a copy of the book for myself but decided to include it in our monthly subscriber giveaway, so had to cheekily speed read through it before sending it off. Fortunately, Peter is one of few modern writers that can truly draw you in to his stories, making binge-reading an indulgence rather than a chore.

From conservation and community to gun dogs, old shotguns and Cape Buffalo; each short essay is detailed, descriptive and with an underlying tone of nostalgia. Every page makes you feel as if you yourself are stalking the vast landscapes of New Zealand, Africa or even Argentina. Illustrations contributed by some amazing wildlife artists are woven throughout, providing extra depth and context to the stories.

It’s clear that Peter cherishes the relationships formed throughout his journey as an international hunter and that he has deep respect for the wild places he travels.

Would recommend. This is the kind of book that any outdoorsman can appreciate. You can grab a copy from the Australian Deer Association and you can learn more about Peter on his website

Socials - @adam.greentree

“Nearly died of COVID when this bull charged me, very close call”. - Adam

The Greentrees caught a bit of attention this week with a video of a recent wild scrub bull hunt they did in Western Australia.

After Kimmi put a second arrow in, the angry bull charged Adam, nearly ripping him a new one (literally) in the process. A bloody close call… but it’s good to see the crew getting out for a hunt again!

Watch the recap on Instagram here

Podcast - Hunting Arete

Dave recently interviewed Ross from High Caliber to discuss “lube and protection”. I’ve had plenty of discussions with Ross during his start up journey and it’s great to hear more of the details in this podcast.

Ross and Dave talk about some of the challenges of keeping things Australian Made, product development, the frustration of low-quality gear and then they shift towards hound hunting, the division between different hunting groups and the overall positive impact of hunting in Australia.

Listen to the podcast here