Wildcard Coffee Roast: January 2023 "Dolly"

Wildcard Coffee Roast: January 2023 "Dolly"

Our Wildcard roast is where we explore the unique flavours of coffee from across the world. Each season (or until stock runs out) will bring something new; new beans, roast style or blends.


We're starting the New Year off with this outrageously delicious Single Origin Coffee from Colombia. This is a medium roast coffee with tasting notes of chocolate brownie, mandarin and stone fruit. It has this awesome creamy texture, very smooth.

Our favourite way to drink this one is as a milky espresso (on our lever coffee machine, we're doing 18 grams of coffee in the basket for a 30-second extraction time).

It's very good as a black filter coffee as well, so makes a great all-rounder. 

Here are some coffee nerd details:

SCA Score: 86
Processing: 18 hour fermentation process, Washed and sun-dried
Region: Colombia
Variety: Castillo and Dos Mill
Altitude: 1950m