About Us

Who we are

Dog & Gun Coffee provides hunters, anglers and outdoorsmen with quality coffee that can be brewed anywhere their adventures take them.

Our mission is to encourage hunting as a means to connect with the wilderness and contribute to the conservation of critical habitats and wildlife.

Our 1% Pledge

We donate at least 1% of our revenue to (hunter-friendly) environmental causes. This means that every packet of coffee you purchase from Dog & Gun Coffee contributes to the conservation of the wild places we love across Australia and New Zealand. Click here to learn more.

What makes Dog & Gun Coffee so unique?

Our Pre-Loaded™ single-serve drip filters are the most convenient way to brew coffee anywhere, anytime. Pre-Loaded with cafe-quality coffee and sealed for freshness, all you need is a mug to hang them on and the ability to boil water.

Then there’s the coffee itself...

There is no coffee in the world quite like Dog & Gun Coffee. Dog & Gun Coffee has a distinguished flavour that nobody can quite put their finger on, but everybody notices when they try it.

The key ingredients:

  • High quality, single-origin beans
  • Expert roasting experience and knowledge
  • Our unique roasting process

The specific recipe? That’s like asking for “Spot X”. Not going to happen ;-) 

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