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Whether you're camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, 4wding or van life-ing; here are some reasons to try our single serve, Pre-Loaded Drip Filters...

✔   Delicious - smooth coffee with roasts to suit all tastes
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✔   Local - Roasted fresh each week in Brisbane, Australia

Wapiti - November Wildcard Roast

Wapiti - November Wildcard Roast

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Wapiti ™ is our wildcard roast where we explore unique flavours of coffees from across the world. Each month the coffee will change; new beans, roast style or blends. You'll never really know what you're getting but our promise is to always use the highest quality beans we can get our hands on and do our best to bring the best out of them. It's a little caffeinated adventure into the unknown.

Our November Wapiti comes from the Mount Elgon cooperative in Uganda.

The cupping notes include milk chocolate, cocoa nibs, walnut and tropical fruit. This one surprised us with a real flavour punch and awesome lingering sweetness.

It’s super silky smooth, bright and has good body. We’ve been enjoying this one as an espresso / latte but be warned - it’s dangerously easy to drink! 


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