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If the system is saying you do not have an account please create a new account. Your subscription products will be linked to it.

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Yes, our pre loaded drip filters are now available through subscription.


Whole Bean will arrive as whole, complete beans that will require grinding. Whole beans are perfect for espresso machines that have built in grinders or for households that have a bean grinder. Buying your coffee in whole bean form means you have full control over the results.

Plunger grind is a coarse, ground coffee that is most suitable for households using pour-over drip filters or a French Press for their brews.

Espresso grind is a fine, powdery ground coffee that is suitable for espresso machines (that don’t have a grinder), moka pots, reusable coffee pods, aeropress & zero presses.

Plunger (coarse) grind coffee will be best for a French Press.

Espresso (fine) grind is great for espresso machines or for the optimal experience you can buy beans and grind them yourself.

Our Espresso (fine) grind should work well in your re-usable coffee pods but for optimal results we recommend grinding your own beans for the perfect grind size

Our Espresso grind is best for the Zero press.

Red Stag is our best selling coffee and Full Send is a close second.

Yes, our Hog Choccie is Gluten Free so get into it!

We recommend consuming your Naked Pack of Pre-Loaded Drip Filters within 6 weeks of opening. Ensure you seal the packet between use.

We recommend storing your coffee in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Once opened store in an airtight container.

Our coffee is roasted in small batches and leaves our warehouse with a Best Before date usually being around 6-8 weeks from the date of roasting. The flavour of most coffees peaks around two weeks after roasting, so it's ideal to purchase in quantities that will last you 2-4 weeks.


We don't, we are an online retailer only.

However, we do have several stockists throughout Australia & NZ, click here to see if there's one nearby!

We don't allow pickups as this can be difficult for your team to manage, sorry!

At this time we do not offer samples of our coffee.

We do offer discounted coffee bundles, though. So you can try a few flavours at a lower price - up to 15% off!

Dog & Gun Coffee currently ships all over the world (including the US). However we cannot guarantee that Australia Post will service your country.

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To change any details regarding your order please contact us here.

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As stated on our product listings, our T-Shirts and Hoodies are made to order and fulfilled in a different warehouse - separate to coffee orders. This means if you order both coffee and apparel they will arrive in separate packages.

Please allow up to 15 business days for your apparel to be shipped.

If it's been over 15 business days since you ordered apparel and you haven't received a tracking number via email, please contact us here.