Coffee and Conservation

Coffee and conservation
At Dog & Gun Coffee, quality coffee is essential. Quality customer service, also essential. But more important than that (and a core part of our mission) is to contribute to the preservation and restoration of quality wilderness areas.

So we’ve built conservation into our business model by pledging to give 1% of all revenue we generate to (hunter friendly) conservation projects each month.

Every bag of coffee you buy from Dog & Gun Coffee contributes to protecting the wild places and animals that we’re all deeply connected with as hunters, outdoorsmen and adventurers.

What conservation projects has Dog & Gun Coffee been involved in?

Since the launch of Dog & Gun Coffee in November 2019, we’ve helped contribute to various projects including habitat restoration, predator control and wildlife monitoring. We're also interested in supporting organisations that help build up the hunting community.
Some of the organisations we’ve supported to date include:

Field & Game Australia

Donations are usually a combination of product (to support volunteers) and cash (to support the operations of the programs). We're only a small company with limited resources but we've built "having an impact" into our business from the start. As we grow, so does our impact.

If you’d like to get involved, hear more about our projects or know of any interesting organisations we should talk to, please get in touch.