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Our Bloody Good Coffee Subscription is here...

Join the DAG Nation and never run out of the good stuff again! We wanted to add heaps of value to our loyal customers, so here are some of the benefits of subscribing:

  • Get a MASSIVE 20% off all recurring orders (available for whole beans, pre-ground coffee and Hog Choccie)
  • A chance to win EPIC prizes every single month (keep reading to see this months prize!)
  • Set up your recurring order in weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals so you never run out of the good stuff again. 
  • Access to exclusive sales, pre-launch products and special events before anybody else.
  • Create your own account on our website to manage your subscription service (switch products, adjust delivery interval or pause your service).

To sign up as a subscriber, simply find the product that you’re interested in on our website and select the subscription option. You’ll then be able to choose your delivery interval and we’ll take it from there!

It’s usually a hassle free process but if you need a hand, contact us here.

A couple of things to note:

  • You must have at least 2 subscription orders sent out before you can cancel your subscription. We’ve had cheeky buggers try to game the system, don’t be that guy. The discount and prize pool is there to reward the customers who truly love our products and are proud to be Dog & Gunners.
  • To help with this, we’ll be entering your name into the draw for every consecutive subscription order you have had go out. The longer you’re subscribed for, the more chance there is of winning. When you win, we’ll reset that counter back to one entry and it starts again.
  • You must be an Australian or New Zealand customer in order to be eligible.


To be drawn on Instagram: September 30th 2021


Quality footwear make all the difference when you’re in the backcountry hauling in gear (and hauling out meat). We’ve been using Lowa boots for years - they’re bloody durable and the most comfortable boots we’ve tried.

Shaun (@shaungonewild) has really put his Z6S-GTXs to the test over the years… from the alps of New Zealand to the swamps of Cape York, they’ve done plenty of k’s in rough country and are still going strong! (Much to Rache’s horror, he also wears them daily in the office).

So this month, we’ve got a pair of Lowa Z6S-GTXs to give away (valued at $449)!!

Lightweight and stable, these boots provide the walking comfort of light hiking boots, with the support and protection of hard duty, backpacking boots.

We’re also throwing in 2 x 20 packs of our Pre-Loaded Drip Filters. Because, coffee!

Don't want to wait to win some boots? Lowa are also offering 10% off until the end of September. Click here to get your discount code.