Get Ready for Breaky Sesh - An Outdoors Community Event by Dog & Gun Coffee

Get Ready for Breaky Sesh - An Outdoors Community Event by Dog & Gun Coffee - Dog & Gun Coffee

We’re pretty bloody excited to announce a new event that we’ll be running throughout this year, Breaky Sesh! 

This event is for anyone who loves the great outdoors and wants to learn new skills, meet like-minded people and drink bloody good coffee.

A key part of our mission at Dog & Gun is to remove the barrier of entry for people getting into the outdoors (primarily focused on hunting, fishing, 4wding etc). Most of us at DAG didn’t really delve into these things until later in life, so we know how intimidating it can be to get started or ask for help.

We didn’t grow up in the country, we didn’t inherit property access from family, we didn’t get taught the skills to be even remotely self-sufficient in the wild. But with the help of some absolute legends we’ve met over the years, we’ve managed to get the fundamentals down and now we’re living a life filled with adventure!

We want to help others do the same.

Teaching the next generation of outdoorsmen

So what we’re doing with Breaky Sesh is bringing people together to be able to just hang out, spin some yarns and learn from each other. It’s a low-key, family-friendly social event where there’s no such thing as a dumb question and we can all work towards building up the outdoors community.

Each event will have guest “speakers” who are experts in their field and who are willing to share a bit about what they know. 

So no matter where you are on your journey in the outdoors, we invite you to come along and:

  • Meet with other outdoor enthusiasts
  • Learn new skills and increase your confidence to get out there and explore
  • Get advice and tips directly from experts in hunting, fishing, 4wding, survival and more
  • Enjoy a tasty breakfast and bloody good coffee!

Keep an eye on the socials and your emails (if you’re an existing customer) for upcoming events.


Shaun + Team DAG