Black Death Extra Dark Roast (Limited Edition) - Dog & Gun Coffee
Black Death Extra Dark Roast (Limited Edition) - Dog & Gun Coffee
Black Death Extra Dark Roast (Limited Edition) - Dog & Gun Coffee
Black Death Extra Dark Roast (Limited Edition) - Dog & Gun Coffee

Black Death Extra Dark Roast (Limited Edition)

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Inspired by the African (Cape) Buffalo, an animal so dangerous that someone had to make it even scarier by giving it the nickname, "Black Death".

We've taken two of our finest, tastiest beans from South America and then, (to the horror of every specialty-coffee producer ever) roasted them to oblivion.

This is the darkest of dark coffee. A veritable face punch of charred caffeine. It’s banned from just about every cafe in Australia and, honestly, we think it should require a special license to acquire.

But our mates at Blood Origins requested this one and we never want to let our mates down, so here it is. Brace for impact.

Expect notes of cacao and (really) toasted almonds with low acidity, full body and high bitterness. 

You can get this one in 500g whole beans or a 25 pack of Pre-Loaded Single-Serve Drip Filters and it'll be available until stock runs out.

This one will also be roasted in limited quantities each week due to the nature of super dark roasts… it will be oily as heck and begin to lose flavour much sooner than a lighter-roasted coffee.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Our coffee is roasted fresh each week and is available in a variety of profiles to suit your taste:

Red Stag™ is our signature medium roast. Like your trusty .308 - it's proven, reliable and versatile. This is a super smooth coffee and our most popular roast for good reason.

Sambar™ is our heavy-hitting dark roast. This is the .50cal of the coffee world. Full-bodied with a bold flavour, it's perfect for those who like a little more oomph in their coffee.

Full Send™ is a rich and super smooth brew with bold notes of chocolates and nuts balanced with some caramel sweetness. It's punchier than our Red Stag roast but without the bitterness of our Sambar roast. 

Wapiti ™ is our wildcard roast where we explore unique flavours of coffees from across the world. Each month the coffee will change; new beans, roast style or blends. You'll never really know what you're getting but our promise is to always use the highest quality beans we can get our hands on and do our best to bring the best out of them. It's a little caffeinated adventure into the unknown.

Customer Reviews

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James Wilson

Black Death Extra Dark Roast (Limited Edition)

Craig C
Black Death Extra Dark Roast: Bold, intense, and perfect for strong coffee lovers.

Black Death Extra Dark Roast is not for the faint of heart. Its deep, rich flavor profile is intense and bold, with notes of dark chocolate, smoky undertones, and a hint of bitterness. This coffee packs a powerful punch that will wake you up and keep you going through the day. However, it might be too strong for those who prefer a milder brew. Overall, it's a perfect choice for anyone seeking a robust and flavorful coffee experience.

cary strong
True coffee lover

Love the flavour, if you like your coffee with a true strong flavour this is it. Highly recommend this coffee,

Rhona Orr

Black Death Extra Dark Roast (Limited Edition)

Kristian Hunter
Black Death

D&G coffee offers unparalleled quality coffee beans and exceptional service in Australia. I keep coming back for more and more because of their consistently excellent products and top-notch customer service.

Thank you

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