Committed to Conservation

Committed to Conservation - Dog & Gun Coffee

Words and photo by Shaun Lynch (@shaungonewild)

Conservation is at the heart of what we do.

As hunters, we have a firm understanding of ecosystem interactions and and as a business, we’re well placed to continuously support organisations that work to keep wilderness areas healthy and in balance.

Since the launch of Dog & Gun Coffee, we’ve donated at least 1% of revenue every single month to help support a number of projects including habitat restoration, predator control and wildlife monitoring.

We did this even in the early days when we were unprofitable!

This is a fundamental and essential “bill” that we feel we’re obligated to pay (like rent or electricity) each month. But we’ve been a bit shy talking about it because it’s easy to use as a marketing tactic and miss the point entirely.

Things are about to change though, because we’ve just been approved to come on board as business members of “One Percent for the Planet”.

This means that our donations throughout the year are verified by a third party and we can better showcase the impact we’re able to have. 

Hopefully this will inspire others to either put boots on the ground as volunteers or to financially support some of these amazing projects that work to protect the wild things we love and the lifestyle we’re committed to…