We bought an ex-ADF Unimog

We bought an ex-ADF Unimog - Dog & Gun Coffee

Introducing… the DOGMOG 😏

We’ve been carting so much coffee around these days that we decided to add a bigger vehicle to the fleet…

Shaun took that to heart and instead of getting something sensible and practical - like a van - he went a little bigger and decided to pick up an ex-ADF Mercedes-Benz Unimog 🤦‍♂️

This is a no-frills adventuring machine. It runs almost entirely on mechanical systems, can cart around literally tonnes of the good stuff and is completely self-sufficient for extended off-grid trips.

The DOGMOG will be primarily used to get the Dog & Gun team around on their adventures and will also be around for various meet-ups throughout the year (keep an eye on the socials).

It's a pretty slow piece of machinery, so we won't be getting anywhere in a hurry... but we will be getting there in style!