Our top 3 ways to make coffee while hunting

Our top 3 ways to make coffee while hunting - Dog & Gun Coffee

There are plenty of luxuries that we’re willing to forgo for the sake of chasing adventure… but coffee is not one of them. If you want to make the best tasting coffee while hunting, our top picks are Pre-Loaded Drip Filters, Specialty Instant Coffee or the Aeropress.

Pre-Loaded Drip Filters

Our single serve, pour-over drip filter method is still the best way to have a great cup of coffee while camping, hunting or chasing adventure. Pour over is usually reserved to hipster cafes because it’s a brewing process that extracts the unique flavours of the coffee beans, giving you an exceptionally tasty brew when you’re working with a high quality coffee. It doesn’t need to be complicated though.

Compact and lightweight, our Pre-Loaded Drip Filters come with 14 grams of our specialty-grade coffee already ground and loaded up into the filters. Each filter is sealed and ready to go. All that’s required to have a brew is a mug to hang the coffee drip filter on and a way to boil some hot water. Simply rip the top of the filter off, extend the hanging arms, latch them onto your mug then start pouring your hot water in over the ground coffee. It’ll usually take 3-4 pours to fill up one of our slick enamel camping mugs. There’s no clean up required.

The drip filter is made entirely from paper so you can throw it in the fire once you’re done or take it out with you. We never recommend leaving anything, even if compostable, in the bush so please don’t bury the filters or throw them in the bush. Leave only footprints etc.

Specialty Instant

There’s instant coffee, then there’s Specialty Instant coffee.

If you’re looking for a truly easy but tasty coffee while camping with absolutely no fuss, no equipment and no cleanup then this is for you. Simply mix in 2 grams of this good stuff with 200mls of hot water, stir and you’ve got yourself a bloody good coffee ready to go.

Our Specialty Instant Coffee is made from the same high-grade beans that we use in our usual roasts. It’s then sent off to be extracted, freeze-dried and milled into a soluble powder (rather than granules). Due to this processing method, the coffee packs a punch and a little goes a long way. Each tin is suitable for up to 10 brews if following our standard recipe but you can adjust as needed to suit your tastes.

Aeropress and ZeroPress

These two coffee makers brew using a pneumatic plunger that pressurises the water and extracts a strong shot of coffee. The Aeropress is a cult-classic with literally thousands of recipes being created and even dedicated competitions based on this coffee maker. For the adventure seeker with a taste for quality coffee, it has been the go-to piece of equipment for many years.

Both devices are relatively light-weight but the ZeroPress is a much more compact device suitable for the backpack hunter who wants to brew a stronger brew in the bush. It’ll produce one shot of coffee while the Aeropress will make 2-4 shots in the one brew, making it a bit more efficient when camping with mates. To use the Aeropress or ZeroPress, you’ll also need some fresh beans and a hand grinder or, alternatively, our pre-ground coffee in a plunger grind.

Making a great coffee while camping

Whether you’re backpacking hunting or camping from your car, some things to consider include weight and bulk of equipment, ease of use, speed, number of people you’re brewing for and the cleanup required once you’re done. You’re also going to want to take freshly roasted, high-quality coffee to get the tastiest brew possible.

At Dog & Gun Coffee, we source the green beans and roast ourselves each week using some of the best roasting equipment available. This means that no matter which brewing method you choose while making your coffee, you’ll always get the tastiest go-go juice possible. To shop for coffee, click here.