Matt Field - Field Days - Dog & Gun Coffee Ambassador

Matt Field - Field Days - Dog & Gun Coffee Ambassador - Dog & Gun Coffee

Matt Field // Australia // Survival

“Yeah Dawgies!”

Matt Field lives and breathes adventure.

Living full-time in his 78 series Troopy with his girlfriend Maky, Matt is best known for his YouTube channel, Field Days, where he documents his adventures living off the land/sea, doing solo survival trips, fishing and having barista sessions in the great outdoors!

Find Matt here:
Field Days YouTube
Maky & Matt YouTube 
Instagram: @field__days

What draws you to the outdoors?

The feeling of freedom I get when I am alone in the bush. You realise how little you actually need, catching your own food, living off the land, and staying as remote as possible! It's these simple pleasures that always draw me back.

How did you get introduced to the outdoors?

It's been in my blood since I was a tiny kid. Growing up, my old man and I would always be out bush, fishing hunting, or camping every chance we got. I basically grew up barefoot, covered with dirt with a fishing rod in hand.

What’s your greatest / craziest / most interesting memory from your adventures?

That would be the time when I challenged myself to survive on an isolated Indonesian Island for 3 days with no food or water and only a pocket knife. It was a pretty hectic experience, gathering water using a solar still, eating cactus leaves and snails, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!

What’s the most important piece of gear you take out with you? (besides coffee!)

I wouldn't leave without a good-quality knife.

What has been the greatest lesson that your time in the outdoors has taught you?

The biggest lesson I have learned is that I will never know enough, Mother Nature is unpredictable, wild, beautiful, and dangerous at the same time. Never turn your back to her.

What’s your favourite way to drink D&G Coffee?

Boiled over a campfire way out bush!